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Aeon Raincover

As low as CA$24.00
Planning on taking your Aeon out on wild, wet and windy days in the mountains? A raincover is a great way to keep the worst of the weather away from your kit. There is a raincover to suit your pack. It comes in three sizes, so the fit will be snug, whichever size Aeon you choose. Size Compatibility Large 33L / 35L Medium 20L / 22L / 25L / 27L Small 16L / 18L
Please be aware, raincovers do not protect your pack totally from the elements. We would strongly advise packing any kit you need to keep dry in one of our drybags.

Find Your Back Length

Place your hands on your hips and tilt your head forwards. Ask a friend to help you measure from your C7 vertebrae (the bony protrusion at the back of your neck) to your iliac crest (the top of your hips). This measurement will give you an idea of which back length to choose for the best fit.


  • Large - Fits Aeon ND33 S-M 35 M-L 22 L-XL 27 l-XL 35 L-XL
  • Small - Fits Aeon ND16 S-M 18 M-L
  • Med - Fits Aeon ND20 S-M 22 M-L ND25 S-M 27 M-L