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Gifts for urban adventurers

Gifts for those who balance urban life with a love of the outdoors. Shop our day packs to find the perfect gift.
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  1. Azure

    Head for the hills with the Tensor 20, a lightweight multi-purpose day pack ideal for summer hiking, trail running and cycling.

  2. Golden Palm

    Take to the trails with the Tensor 23, a lightweight multi-purpose day pack that’s great for day hiking in the summer, or lightweight cragging and bouldering.

  3. Black

    Find a spark, stoke your fire. The Ignite is a lightweight 15L day pack for all your fast and light adventures.

  4. Fig

    Look lively with the Tensor 15, a lightweight multi-purpose day pack suitable for hiking, biking and running, when you want to move quickly but still carry the essentials.

  5. Auburn

    Pack light, burn bright. The Fuse is a lightweight 20L day pack perfect for energetic, action-packed adventures.