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Gifts under 90 $CA

Shop our selection of backpacks, belt packs and accessory gifts under 90 $CA.
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  1. Azure

    Grab your pack and go with the Tensor 5, a lightweight multi-purpose day pack suitable for hiking, biking and running.

  2. Black

    A favourite amongst runners, hikers, and bikers, the Fjell 4 is a compact, lightweight belt pack with a 4 litre capacity, perfect for exploring trails old and new.

  3. Auburn

    Run free and stay fleet of foot with the Lightflite 2, our lightest weight technical belt pack.

  4. Auburn

    Move freely over fell or trail with the Lightflite Hydro belt pack, perfect for carrying the essentials on longer runs or lightweight hikes.

  5. Anthracite

    Stay fast and light with the Lightflite 5, a belt pack that allows you to carry the essentials while running, without weighing you down.

  6. Black

    Hit the trail with the Tensor 10, a lightweight multi-purpose day pack suitable for hiking, cycling and running.

  7. Fig

    Look lively with the Tensor 15, a lightweight multi-purpose day pack suitable for hiking, biking and running, when you want to move quickly but still carry the essentials.