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AirZone hiking packs

When you push the pace on dusty trails and sweat over strenuous terrain, our industry leading AirZone hiking packs offer the best ventilation technology. In capacities from 18-55 litres, the AirZone range includes hiking and lightweight trekking packs designed to prioritise coolness and comfort, maximising breathability and airflow for a short blast or the long haul.

  1. AirZone Trail ND24 Blueprint-24

    With a ventilated breathable back, the AirZone Trail ND24 is the perfect women’s hiking backpack for easy day hikes and shorter treks.

  2. Airzone Trail ND32 Blueprint-32

    On a long day when you’re making your way through the hills, the AirZone Trail ND32 will keep you cool and comfortable from your first step to your last.