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AirZone hiking packs

Whether you want to push the pace on dusty trails, pound out the miles on long-distance hauls or go hard beneath the summer sun, our AirZone ventilated backpacks offer the ultimate in coolness and comfort. Introducing the all-new AirZone + carry system for 2020.

Maximise airflow with our AirZone range of ventilated backpacks and walking rucksacks. Available in capacities from 18 to 55 litres, the AirZone range includes hiking backpacks and lightweight trekking packs like the AirZone Trek+ 45:55 and AirZone Pro+ ND33:40. The AirZone Z 20 and AirZone Trail ND28 are ideal for lightweight day hikes and hillwalking.

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Shopping Options
  1. Fern

    Whether you want a light, fast carry on a hut-to-hut hike or ventilated comfort over challenging terrain, the AirZone Trek 35:45 is the perfect mid-volume hiking backpack

  2. Raspberry

    Push harder and faster on tough multi-day hiking trips and dusty hut-to-hut treks with the cool, comfortable carry of the AirZone Trek ND43:50 ventilated women’s hiking backpack.

  3. Navy

    Light and comfortable, the ventilated AirZone Trek ND33:40 women’s hiking backpack is ideal for lightweight hut-to-hut trips and long-distance summer hiking.