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Climbing packs

From hot rock face to frigid icefalls, our four-season climbing packs and crag packs are optimised for agile ascents and the approach. With clean, durable construction and volumes from 25 to 50 litres, they are in their element from high alpine peaks and big walls to the climbing gym.

Whether travelling light or carrying your gear for the approach, our alpine climbing backpacks, rock climbing day packs and ice climbing backpacks will make even the toughest ascent easier. The Rock range of crag packs will keep your gear organised en route to the rock face; the Halcyon is a traditional multi-day mountaineering pack; and the streamlined Ascent range is perfect for fast, agile climbs.

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  1. Uprise 30-40 M Pinstripe-30:40 M

    Rise up to meet the ridgeline with the Uprise 30:40, a mid-volume alpine climbing pack big enough for the essentials yet strippable for agile movement on steep and technical faces.

  2. Rebel 18 S Pinstripe-18 S

    The Rebel 18 is a no-fuss, small volume alpine climbing pack perfect for ultra-fast summer alpine link-ups, breaking speed records and sharing minimal kit on long rock routes.

  3. Uprise 40:50 M Pinstripe-40

    Commit to the mountain with the Uprise 40:50, a large volume alpine climbing pack big enough to carry everything you need on multi-day routes, but flexible and strippable for agile movement.

  4. Renegade 28 M Pinstripe-28 M

    Move faster, carry less. The Renegade 28 is a climbing and mountaineering pack perfect for gram counters who value robust design and a comfortable carry.