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  5. 40:50 L-XL 1 item

Skiing packs

Whether you’re touring the backcountry or hitting the piste, our ski packs are made to be immersed in the mountains. In 23-35 litre capacities, our ski backpacks have a multitude of ski-specific features, built with ski touring, freeriding and snowboarding in mind.

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  1. Haute Red

    Perfect for multi-day alpine routes or long Scottish winter days, the Halcyon 45:50 mountaineering pack is made to carry all the kit you’ll need on longer mountain trips.

  2. Navy

    Whether you’re scaling glaciers or projecting a summer rock route, the Halcyon 35:40 alpine mountaineering pack has everything you need for a day moving in the mountains.

  3. Fire

    Commit to the mountain with the Uprise 40:50, a large volume alpine climbing pack big enough to carry everything you need on multi-day routes, but flexible and strippable for agile movement.