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Trekking accessories

Keep your gear safely stowed with our range of trekking accessories including rucksack liners, drysacs, compression and stuffsacs. Prepare for the unexpected with spare straps and buckles.

  1. Ultralite Stuffsack
    Ultralight water resistant stuffsac.
  2. Rucksac Liner
    Waterproof rucksack liner. Keeps your essential clothing and equipment dry.
  3. Drysack
    Durable, waterproof nylon stuffsac with roll-top closure.
  4. First Aid Drybag
    Drysac for safely storing your first aid kit.
  5. Deluxe Stuffsack (Black)

    A durable performance stuff bag, ideal for packing and organising outdoor kit.

  6. Airstream Lite Drysack
    Durable, waterproof stuffsac that lets air out and keeps contents dry.
  7. Ultralite Spider Compression Sack
    Round base nylon Cordura stuffsac with four compression cords to minimise pack size.
  8. Airstream Compression Sack
    Lightweight, waterproof compression sac that lets air out and keeps contents dry.
  9. Ultralite Rucksac Liner
    Ultralight drybag, big enough to use as a waterproof rucksac liner.