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  1. Graphite

    Perfect for trad climbing, the Rogue 48 crag pack is built to keep you comfortable and organised on long, fully loaded approaches to the cliff.

  2. Golden Palm

    The Outcast 44 is the ultimate sport climbing backpack. With a book-style opening, rope tarp and reinforced clip-stick holder, it provides a quick and easy way to stash gear and move from route to route.

  3. Graphite

    Whether you’re heading for a session at the wall or a day at the crag when your partner’s bringing the rope, the light-footed Misfit 27 is the perfect small volume climbing backpack for paring it back.

  4. Golden Palm

    With its 360-degree compression, roll top design and integrated tarp, the Slacker is a fuss-free climbing rope bag that can take you from loaded to route-ready within seconds.

  5. Golden Palm

    Our climbing and bouldering chalk bag is specifically designed for easy one-handed access when you need it most.

  6. Azure

    Grab your pack and go with the Tensor 5, a lightweight multi-purpose day pack suitable for hiking, biking and running.

  7. Black

    Hit the trail with the Tensor 10, a lightweight multi-purpose day pack suitable for hiking, cycling and running.

  8. Fig

    Look lively with the Tensor 15, a lightweight multi-purpose day pack suitable for hiking, biking and running, when you want to move quickly but still carry the essentials.

  9. Azure

    Head for the hills with the Tensor 20, a lightweight multi-purpose day pack ideal for summer hiking, trail running and cycling.

  10. Golden Palm

    Take to the trails with the Tensor 23, a lightweight multi-purpose day pack that’s great for day hiking in the summer, or lightweight cragging and bouldering.