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Wheeled luggage

Whether you’re hopping on a plane for a city break or lugging your expedition kit across continents, our range of wheeled luggage will take you from plane to terrain in no time. In capacities from 35-120 litres, our wheeled packs are durable and easy to manoeuvre on both smooth and uneven ground.

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  1. AT Roll-On 40 Atlantic Blue-40

    Built to travel, the AT Roll-On features an attachable harness to help you carry the gear you need on two wheels or on your back.

  2. AT Wheelie 90 Atlantic Blue-90

    When you’re travelling long and far with a lot of gear, the AT Wheelie 90 is built to survive rough handling and arduous travel conditions.

  3. AT Wheelie 120 Atlantic Blue-120

    Built to survive rough handling and arduous travel conditions, the AT Wheelie 120 is our largest wheeled duffel bag that’s ideal for remote expeditions.