So it’s official: the UK is in lockdown, along with many other countries across the world. This comes after news over the weekend that not enough people are taking this Coronavirus outbreak seriously, and were going out into busy public spaces, meeting friends, and socializing. Look, I get it. We’re social creatures. Being told to stay home and stay away from friends and family feels totally unnatural to most of us. It can feel claustrophobic and, more often than not, pretty boring. I’m a bit of an introvert, so I normally love a weekend at home with no plans but when it’s thrust upon you, it suddenly doesn’t feel so good. On the plus side, we’re all in this together. Just like you, Team Lowe are all home, working this out day by day. And the good news is, we’re getting the hang of it!

So, here are seven tips my colleagues and I have put together for you based off what’s worked for us so far, in the hope they help you keep healthy and well while staying home.