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Here we have pulled together the descriptions of the key terms we use across our products.

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300D Nailhead

A tough 300 denier polyester fabric which gives excellent performance.


The way we express pack volume when it has the ability to be extended (65 litres up to 85 litres). These packs also have a floating lid to accommodate the extra volume.


Adjustable back length

The back length can be adjusted to match precisely to your body


Our AdaptiveFit harnesses and hipbelts will automatically adapt to your specific body shape as they are fitted and tightened, ensuring the highest level of comfort


A body contact fabric on the harness, hipbelt and back panel that allows some air to circulate and reduce heat build up

Air Contour

A full contact back panel with sculpted foam to promote the movement of air thus cooling the back

All-terrain wheels

Large 115mm wheels to improve off road capability.

Axiom back system

Lowe Alpine's Proprietary Adjustable back system. See our Axiom Page for more details

Axiom 3

Our Entry Level Adjustable back system for backpackers

Axiom 5

Adjustable, partially moulded Aerated back system with rotating hipbelt for serious backpacking

Axiom 7

Our Top Level back system with an adjustable and moulded back, rotating hipbelt and rebound foam for serious backpacking and expedition use.

Axiom Light

All the comfort features of the Axiom in a lightweight build


Suspended mesh back system that maximises breathability by using less mesh, whilst contouring to your back.

AirZone Centro

The adjustable version of our suspended mesh back system.

Accessory Straps

Additional lashing webbing which can be used to attach items to the outside of the pack.


Back system

The part of the pack that sits on your body including the back, shoulder harness and hipbelt


Carry On

Maximum size of W35xD25xH55cm


The volume of our packs according to the ASTM Standard F2153-


A unique Lowe Alpine system for changing the back length.

Chest strap (Sternum strap)

A strap that fastens across the chest preventing the shoulder straps from rolling off the shoulders.

Clamshell Zip Entry

Zip Around access to the main pocket of a pack, combining top loading and side entry.


Daisy Chain

These are attachment points on on packs to make it easier to lash items to the outside securely.


A unit of weight used to on fabrics to indicate the fineness of fibre filaments and yarns. This unit is derived for nature as a single strand of silk is approximately one dernier (a 9000-meter strand of which weighs just one gram!). We abbreviate Dernier to D in our fabric descriptions.


Extendable volume

Packs with floating lids and extendable volumes allow you to carry more, expressed using two volume measurements i.e. 65:85


Fixed-length back

A non-adjustable back system available in different lengths, for simplicity of the pack and reduced weight.

Floating Lids

Lids that can be adjusted at the back so that the whole lid can be extended upwards to accommodate bigger loads

Fold-away back system

The harness can be stowed behind a zippered travel cover

Front Grab Handle

Load lifting handle for lifting heavier packs onto a partner's back.

Front Entry

A system that allows easier packing and access to the main pack body



Hydration compatible

A pack which has an internal pocket to hold a hydration bladder and exit points for a hose, allowing you to drink on the go hands free.


Our Unique Buckle to secure the head of an ice axe to your pack


A belt designed to encompass the iliac crest. On larger volume packs it is firm so you can transfer loads onto it. On smaller volume packs it is made from a webbing material and acts to stabilise the pack.


Internal compression straps

Straps to secure the contents of a pack during transit




Large Pack

Our Large size packs have been designed to accommodate those with a larger form; the hipbelt, shoulder straps and back length have been made proportionally longer.

Lash Points

Used to attach items to the outside of the pack with accessory straps.


Unbreakable Buckle that has the option to be hooked back on itself, ensuring it cannot shake loose.

Lower compartment

A compartment in the bottom of your pack, designed for storing equipment separately to other items, normally comes with a zip out divider.


Movable Rope / Crampon holder

Under lid straps that can be repositioned so you can access the pack contents without taking the rope or crampons off the pack.

Mitt friendly buckles

Oversized for ease of use with Mitts in cold weather



A tough high density 420d Nylon that combines great looks with lightweight performance.


An extremely tough 630 denier nylon fabric.

N6.6 210D Mini Ripstop

Used in our Manaslu backpacking, AirZone and Strike packs this fabric is a mix of 210D nylon 6 base fabric with a nylon 6.6 grid true ripstop. It has standard PU waterproof coating.


The designation we give to our women’s packs indicating the Narrower Dimensions of the back.






Raincovers are made from a Nylon Fabric and when attached it envelops the pack helping to prevent the ingress of rain. Most come with side toggles to stop it being blown off in the wind, it is usually stored in the base of a pack.

Rotating hipbelt

A rotating hipbelt moves with your body as you walk, helping relieve pressure and give extra comfort.

Rebound foam

Resilient foam that won’t deform over extended usage, firm foam for extra support

Regular Packs

The most common fitting size of pack for people of average height and girth


Side Compression

Straps to compress the pack when it is not full, stabilising the load.

Side entry

Access to the main compartment of the pack through a side zipper. Allowing entry without putting the packs back system on the wet/muddy ground.

Spider Plate

A super durable nylon plastic plate attached to the pack using a bungee cord, offering multiple arrangements for various storage options.

Stow-Away Hipbelt

The padded section of the hip-belt can be stowed in side pockets.

Side stabilisers

Straps that run from the hipbelt to the side of the pack that stabilise the lower part of the pack, great for stability on rough terrain


Tamperproof zippers

Zippers resist being opened by pointed implements and have lockable sliders. These come as standard on the main pockets of our travel range. See our full Travel Range

Tip Grippers

Our unique walking pole holders have a TPU cross grip for poles with spikes and a pull out elasticated loop for poles with rubber (bungs) caps.

Top Loading

Access to the main compartment of a pack through a top entry system. Usually with a drawstring closure.

Top stabilisers

Adjustable straps at the top of the shoulder straps that pull the back of the pack closer to the wearer, stabilising the load

TriShield® Grid

A unique, specially treated, high performance and lightweight 420D nylon ripstop fabric with enhanced tear resistance.

TriShield® Micro Rip

A 100D lightweight fabric with the same performance enhancing technology as the TriShield Grid, offering very high tear resistance in a very lightweight fabric.

TriShield® Light

A super lightweight (70D) tear resistant fabric

TravelShield® Plus

A super tough 1800D using high tenacity yarns.

TravelShield® Grid

A high performance 420D ripstop fabric with an external TPU coating for enhanced performance

TravelShield® N630

A highly durable 630D fabric with an external TPU coating for enhanced performance




Winter buckles

Buckles that are designed for use with heavy gloves/mitts

Wire frame

A sprung steel wire frames to support the back in packs designed for heavy loads. A wire frames is lighter and more resilient than an equivalent aluminium frame.

Waist belt

A waist belt is designed to stabilise a pack but not bear the weight.




Zip out internal divider

Creates two compartments within a pack

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