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How to fit your backpack

Enjoy life on the move with a comfortable, well-fitted pack

Our backpacks are designed to help you move freely and comfortably carry whatever you need for your adventure. Before setting off, follow the steps below to ensure your pack fits at its best. 

You’ve measured your back length and selected the right size pack for you and your trip. If your pack has an adjustable back length, now is the time to customise this to your requirements
Loosen all straps then shoulder your pack.
Line up the centre of the hip belt with your hip bone and tighten the straps equally. The lumbar pad should fit snugly in the centre of your lower back.
Pull down and backwards to adjust. Take care not to over tighten as this could move the weight from your hips onto your shoulders – most of the weight should remain on your hips. 
On some Lowe Alpine packs, the height of the chest strap can be adjusted. Change the height if required and tighten to your comfort to stabilise the shoulder straps.  
This helps to stabilise the load of the pack for a more comfortable carry. Expert tip: Pull them tighter when climbing uphill and loosen them off for a descent for the best carry. 
With your backpack packed and fitted correctly, you’re ready to take the first step on your adventure.

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