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  • Adjustable back length
  • Top loader
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  • €100.00 and above
  • Ruby Wine
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  2. Climbing 3 items
  3. Trail running 1 item
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  2. Adjustable back length 3 items
  3. Water bladder compatible 3 items
  4. Walking pole attachment 3 items
  5. Compression straps 3 items
  6. Ice axe attachment 3 items
  7. Front stash pocket 3 items
  8. Water bottle stash 3 items
  9. Top loader 2 items
  10. Hip belt pockets 3 items
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  2. 33 1 item
  1. €0.00 - €99.99 1 item
  2. €100.00 and above 3 items
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Women's hiking backpacks

From day hiking to thru-hiking, hit the trail with confidence with our women’s hiking backpacks. The result of over 40 years of industry-leading research, our ND packs feature a women's geometry back system designed to improve carrying comfort whether you spend hours or days on the move.

  1. Aeon ND33 Ruby Wine-33

    The Aeon ND33 is a lightweight, technical women’s day pack that’s as versatile as you are.

  2. Aeon ND25 Ruby Wine-25

    Ready for action whatever your day might hold, the Aeon ND25 is designed to keep you moving whether you’re hiking for the day, heading to the crag, or for ultralight overnight trips.

  3. Aeon ND20 Ruby Wine-20

    Ready for action whatever your day might hold, the Aeon ND20 is designed to keep you moving whether on foot, by bike, on rock, ice or snow.