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  • AirZone
  • Zipped base compartment
  • Front entry access
  • Adjustable back length
  • Under lid rope/crampon strap
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  1. 16 - 20L 1 item
  2. 25 1 item
  3. 28 1 item
  4. 33 2 items
  5. 35 1 item
  6. 45 1 item
Pack Range
  1. AirZone 7 items
  2. Aeon 4 items
  1. Zipped entry 2 items
  2. Adjustable back length 3 items
  3. Water bladder compatible 6 items
  4. Rain cover included 7 items
  5. Walking pole attachment 7 items
  6. Compression straps 7 items
  7. Ice axe attachment 5 items
  8. Front entry access 2 items
  9. Front stash pocket 4 items
  10. Zipped base compartment 6 items
  11. AirZone ventilated back 4 items
  12. Water bottle stash 7 items
  13. Under lid rope/crampon strap 0 items
  14. Top loader 5 items
  15. Side entry access 1 item
  16. Hip belt pockets 7 items
  1. Day hikes 7 items
  2. Trekking 1 item
  3. Hill walking 7 items
  4. Urban 2 items
  1. In Stock 7 items
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Women's hiking backpacks

From day hiking to thru-hiking, hit the trail with confidence with our women’s hiking backpacks. The result of over 40 years of industry-leading research, our ND packs feature a women's geometry back system designed to improve carrying comfort whether you spend hours or days on the move.

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  1. Black

    When you’re covering ground on a long distance hike or marching on to reach the next hut before nightfall, the AirZone Trek+ ND45:55 will keep you cool and comfortable on the trail.

  2. Berry

    Ideal for lightweight backpacking and long hikes, the AirZone Trek+ ND33:40 is a fully adjustable, ventilated women’s hiking backpack for serious hillwalkers.

  3. Black

    Whether you’re moving fast in the hills on a long hike or just out walking on a hot day, the AirZone Camino Trek ND35:45 is a women’s hiking backpack that keeps you cool and comfortable.

  4. Aubergine

    Ideal for lightweight trekking and four season hillwalking, the AirZone Pro+ ND33:40 is a fully adjustable, ventilated women’s hiking backpack designed to keep you comfortable and cool all year round.

  5. Raspberry

    A great all-round women’s hiking backpack with a ventilated back, the AirZone Trail ND28 is perfect for trekking, hill walking and day hikes.

  6. Berry

    Whether you’re walking city streets or hiking hilltop trails, stay organised and carry your kit in comfort with the AirZone Z Duo ND25, a versatile women’s multi-use backpack.

  7. Mediterranean

    Whether you’re in town or on the trail, the AirZone Z ND18 is a versatile women’s backpack that keeps you cool and comfortable.