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  • Zipped base compartment
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Women's trekking backpacks

Made to travel off the beaten track, our women’s trekking backpacks carry your kit securely and comfortably, however bold your adventure. In capacities from 50-80 litres, our women’s trekking backpacks feature a female-fit lumbar design to promote natural movement for stability and comfort when carrying substantial loads.

  1. Dark Slate

    Along remote trails and over rugged terrain, the Cerro Torre ND60:80 is a premium women’s trekking pack that’s tough enough to carry the heaviest loads with ease, wherever you’ve set your sights.

  2. Blueprint

    If you’re heading to the hills for a solo adventure or travelling to high mountains, the Diran ND50:60 is the ideal women’s trekking backpack.

  3. Greystone / Iron Grey

    Whether you’re wild camping or traversing high altitude trails, the Diran ND60:70 is the ideal women’s trekking backpack.

  4. Blue Print

    Whether you’re seeking out a bothy, setting up a bivvy, or heading up to a mountain hut, the Diran ND40:50 is the perfect women’s trekking backpack.