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Why we make packs for women

Greg Lowe created the first ever women's fit packs in the 1970's, he named them the ND range. In creating these packs we started a movement in the backpacking world to acknowledge that women are hikers, mountaineers and climbers and they deserve to have the kit that fits.

Since then we've been continually developing our women's packs to ensure that they perfectly accommodate the physiological and anatomical demands of the female backpacker. We've got 40 years of industry-leading research and an exhaustive programme of field testing under our belt. This has culminated in a range of women-specific backpacks that are unparalleled in terms of quality, design and comfort.

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The Difference / ND History / Ambassador Testing

Do you know the difference?

To understand how our ND backpacks differ from our regular fit you can look at four key areas: back length, hip belt, shoulder straps and load distribution.

How we accommodate these differing user needs of female backpackers depends on the size of the pack, and the load it is intended to carry. You can expect to see all of the above differences throughout our ND Backpacking packs and on our wider range of ND packs where appropriate.

Back Length

Women often have a shorter back length (torso) than men, and this is reflected in the back system. This also means our ND fit packs are often a great fit for teenagers too. To learn more about back length click here


The hipbelt to shoulder ratio is adapted to fit the ratio of the average woman.

Shoulder Straps

Shoulder straps on the ND packs are shorter, to coincide with the back length. They also have a slightly different shape to accommodate women's breasts.

Load Distribution

Men and women, generally, prefer to carry loads in different ways. Women prefer the weight lower on the back, we have designed our packs with this in mind. The ND fit packs are shorter, wider, and deeper than the men's version. This difference is most prominent in larger backpacks.


The History of ND, the Mountain and Woman.

Greg Lowe named our first range of women's backpacks in tribute to Nanda Devi Unsoeld, an incredible woman who died attempting to conquer the Himalayan peak that bore her name.

In the 40 years since the expedition, the term ND has come to have a dual meaning with many understanding ND to mean Narrow Dimensions. This reference to the refined geometry of our women’s back systems is, of course, relevant but its origins will always be inextricably linked to the ill-fated 1976 expedition and the woman that defined it.

Read More about the Nandi Devi Expedition

Our Favourite Womens Packs

AirZone Trek+ ND33:40

AirZone Trek+ ND33:40

33 + 7lt | 65 x 33 x 30cm | 1.56kg

A female specific fit, an adjustable AirZone Centro ventilated back system and dual compartment organisation with lower entry make the AirZone Trek + ND the right pack for women with serious hill walking ambitions on the horizon.

Airzone Trail ND24

Airzone Trail ND24

24lt | 61 x 30 x 26cm | 1.19kg

The Trail ND (Women's) features our updated AirZone technology, a simple top-loading, single compartment design and a set of functional features. The perfect combination for trail hounds and hill walkers.

Eclipse ND32

Eclipse ND32

32lt | 50 x 30 x 28cm | 0.90kg

Hike, bike, ski, run, never stop moving with this award-winning multi-function backpack. Featuring intuitive functionality, an adjustable back and a large zip entry.

Cerro Torre ND60:80

Cerro Torre ND60:80

60 + 20lt | 76 x 36 x 29cm | 2.60kg

A Legendary women's specific trekking workhorse. The new Cerro Torre features front and lower entry, a tough TriShield coated fabric, and the Axiom 7 back system.

Alpine Ascent ND 28

Alpine Ascent ND 28

28lt | 54 x 30 x 23cm | 0.87kg

The Alpine Ascent ND 28 is clean and lightweight, the ideal companion on high alpine peaks, winter climbs and summer rock routes.

Mountain Ascent ND 38:48

Mountain Ascent ND 38:48

38:48lt | 70 x 32 x 30cm | 1.32kg

The Mountain Ascent ND 38:48 is the mountaineers pack of choice, comfortable and fully-featured, it is ideal for multi-discipline mountain use and hut-to-hut travel.


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