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Belt Packs

For those of us who spend a lot of time active and outdoors, a beltpack can provide lightweight and super convenient security while on the move.

Beltpacks are perfect for stashing valuables, a water bottle, or even an extra lightweight layer. Whether you're hiking, climbing, running or biking, a beltpack is a handy and practical addition to your kit.
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Nijmegen 6

Nijmegen 6

6lt | 38 x 22 x 10cm | 0.49kg

The Nijmegan 6 is a belt pack designed with lightweight hiking in mind, featuring a 6 litre capacity and integrated twin bottles for easy access hydration.

Spacecase 7

Spacecase 7

7lt | 24 x 26 x 12cm | 0.36kg

The Space Case is a spacious and versatile belt pack, designed for hiking and travel use.

lightlite hydro anthracite

Lightflite Hydro

4lt | 18 x 46 x11cm | 0.26kg

The Lightflite Hydro is our unique beltpack/bottle carrier combo, designed for fast-and-light mountain adventures.

Mesa 6

Mesa 6

6lt | 36 x 18 x 10cm | 0.29kg

The Mesa 6 is an updated version of our long established belt pack design. A lightweight, multipurpose belt pack, the Mesa is a favourite amongst runners, walkers, and cyclists alike.

lightflite 5 azure

Lightflite 5

5lt | 16 x 48 x 10cm | 0.17kg

Designed to carry lightweight gear without limiting your movements, the Lightflite 5 is a technical beltpack aimed at trail runners.

Fjell 4

Fjell 4

4lt | 33 x 17 x 9cm | 0.23kg

The Fjell is a compact, lightweight belt pack with a 4 litre capacity, perfect for hiking, trail running, and biking.

lightflite 2 lagoon blue

Lightflite 2

2lt | 13 x 34 x 8cm | 0.10kg

The Lightflite 2 is our lightest weight, technical beltpack, designed for ultra-lightweight mountain activities.


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