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Belt packs

Explore woodland trails or winding city streets with our multi-activity belt packs, made for free spirits who like to travel light. In capacities from 2-7 litres, our range of lightweight belt packs keep essentials securely stashed yet close to hand during hiking, cycling or trail running adventures.

  1. Fjell 4 Azure-4

    A favourite amongst runners, hikers, and bikers, the Fjell 4 is a compact, lightweight belt pack with a 4 litre capacity, perfect for exploring trails old and new.

  2. Mesa 6 Azure-6

    Sleek in design yet generous in capacity, the Mesa 6 belt pack has room for all the essentials for a full day out, whether running, hiking or cycling.

  3. Nijmegen 6 Azure-6

    Designed to accommodate a full day on the trail, the Nijmegen is a 6 litre belt pack featuring integrated twin bottles for easy-access hydration.

  4. Space Case 7 Azure-7

    Perfect whether you’re discovering a new trail or a new city, the Space Case 7 is a spacious and versatile belt pack with a 7 litre capacity, designed for hiking and travel use.

  5. Lightflite 2 Azure-2

    Run free and stay fleet of foot with the Lightflite 2, our lightest weight technical belt pack.

  6. Lightflite Hydro Azure-U

    Move freely over fell or trail with the Lightflite Hydro belt pack, perfect for carrying the essentials on longer runs or lightweight hikes.