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Multi-activity backpacks

If you enjoy hill walking, day hiking, climbing, mountain biking and trail running, our ‘go-anywhere, do-anything’ multi-activity backpacks from 5 to 35 litres are the ultimate ‘barely there’ carry.

Our lightweight backpacks, running backpacks and women’s running rucksacks are designed to work with your body, so you can climb, run, pedal and hike with the utmost freedom. The Aeon 35 is ideal for ultra-light overnight stays; the Aeon ND16 offers quick-access practicality for fast-paced adventures; and the compact Tensor 5 is the ultimate ‘grab and go’ multi-purpose day pack for summer hiking, trail running and cycling.

  1. Tensor 5 Rose Pink-5

    Grab your pack and go with the Tensor 5, a lightweight multi-purpose day pack suitable for hiking, biking and running.

  2. Tensor 10 Rose Pink-10

    Hit the trail with the Tensor 10, a lightweight multi-purpose day pack suitable for hiking, cycling and running.