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Men’s trekking backpacks

Through mountain pass and untamed wilderness, our men’s trekking backpacks promote natural movement and stability so you can find the grit to endure while carrying a heavy load. In capacities from 60-100 litres our durable and fully-featured backpacking and trekking packs are the ultimate choice for committing multi-day treks and self-sufficient expeditions.

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  1. Black / Greyhound

    From untravelled wilderness to isolated peaks, the Cerro Torre 80:100 is our biggest load carrier: a premium trekking pack built with the stamina to endure over demanding terrain.

  2. Dark Olive

    Along remote trails and over rugged terrain, the Cerro Torre 65:85 is a premium trekking pack that’s tough enough to carry the heaviest loads with ease, wherever you’ve set your sights.

  3. Auburn

    When there are days between drops and miles between camps, stay strong and push on with the Manaslu 65:80, a robust and versatile backpacking and trekking pack in the classic size, designed to carry large loads in comfort.

  4. Black

    Ideal for wilderness trekking and long distance travelling, the Manaslu 55:70 is a lighter, lower volume backpacking and trekking pack you can rely on to carry your gear securely and comfortably across changeable terrain.