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Travel accessories

Keep your belongings safe and organised with our range of travel accessories including money belts, passport wallets, flight cases and packing cubes.

  1. Mirage

    Generous wash bag with multiple pockets and an integrated smash-proof mirror

  2. Anthracite
    Lightweight mesh stuffsacs with drawcord closure. Ideal when you need to see what you've packed.
  3. Drysack (multipack)
    Durable, waterproof nylon stuffsacs with roll-top closure. Multipack comprises of sizes XXS, XS and S.
  4. Mirage

    Versatile travel bag with multiple pockets and compartments.

  5. Anthracite

    Simple roll up wash bag with multiple pockets and smash-proof mirror.

  6. Anthracite

    The Stuff It 22 is a lightweight pack which folds into an internal pocket.

  7. Anthracite

    Shirt compression bag. Store your shirts crease-free while you travel.

  8. Anthracite

    For separating your dirty or damp footwear from the rest of your kit.