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Day packs

Grab your pack and go! Our multipurpose day packs are ideal for people who put agility first. In capacities of 5-25 litres, our lightweight day packs are designed to carry your load efficiently and comfortably, keeping you moving all day long from the city to the hills.

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  1. Ignite 15 Shaded Spruce-15

    Find a spark, stoke your fire. The Ignite is a lightweight 15L day pack for all your fast and light adventures.

  2. Fuse 20 Shaded Spruce-20

    Pack light, burn bright. The Fuse is a lightweight 20L day pack perfect for energetic, action-packed adventures.

  3. Magma 28 Shaded Spruce-28

    Ideal for commuting and multi-use, the Magma 28 is a smart, laptop-friendly backpack with plenty of pockets and compartments.

  4. Nexus 30 Shaded Spruce-30

    Ideal for commuting and multi-use, the Nexus 30 is an outdoor styled, laptop-friendly backpack with multiple compartments for everything you need to take on the urban jungle.

  5. Core 34 Shaded Spruce-34

    Ideal for commuting, travelling and organising your life on the move, the Core 34 is a smart, laptop-friendly backpack with plenty of pockets and compartments.