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The Adventure Journals

The Adventure Journals series is a celebration of the spirit of adventure. Inside you will find stories that feature topics ranging from history and culture, to action and adventure, to the environment and our role in preserving it.

We ask the important questions - Why do we go to remote corners of the world and what do we find when we get there? We trace the footsteps of people who live for adventure, and through their eyes we hope you are propelled to live more, experience more and search out more adventure.

Adventure doesn’t exist in place, it is not of a specific time, nor does it require a weighty financial investment. Adventure lives in heart of the people that seek it out. It hides in the blurry lines at the edge of maps and whispers to people from outside of their comfort zone. Join us on our quest to find what lies of the heart of every adventure story we feature.

A Line in the Snow

With a drought across the Alps last season, Ben Tibbetts explored further afield to discover ski touring in ancient Greece.
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Failures and Friendships On The Great Himalayan Trail

Hannes Künkel finds meaning through failure as he and a team of Sherpas attempt the Great Himalayan Trail in winter.
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Chef Kieren Creevy meets good friends to explore, cook and climb in the hills, quarries, and farms of Hereford, UK.
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Romania: A Pretty Austere Dream

Ruth Allen visits the Carpathian mountains in Romania. Her mission; to track down the only wild herd of Bison in Europe.
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The Alpine Supper Club

"This is proper mountain food, ingrained in the culture, food designed to sustain long days working, skiing or climbing on the mountains."
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Ben Tibbetts: Behind the Lens

Securing the perfect shot does not come easily. Very early starts, extensive planning and research for a single photo and in some cases putting yourself in risky situations.
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Morocco: A Nomadic Compass

"If you want to run fast, run alone; if you want to run far, run together"
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Last year we supported a team of young photographers called Wilderness Media in their attempt to go and capture the elusive phenomenon.
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We join Rob Grew in Iceland, for a week long adventure through fjords, over mountains and across the glaciers.
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I cannot think of a better way to spend 150 days. It changed everything for me.
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Nepal Needs You

A first timers insight into the trekking, climbing and culture that makes Nepal a place that nobody visits just once.
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Bernina Alps

Each year my father and I usually head out to explore some corner of the Alps I haven’t visited before...
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A momentous 440 kilometre trek that cuts through huge swathes of Sweden’s jaw-dropping wilderness.
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