Bag for Life

A stylish and spacious tote bag made from leftover pack fabrics, the Bag for Life is a not-for-profit product raising funds for charity and reducing waste to landfill.

Ideal for carrying ropes, storing gear or hauling your shopping home, the Lowe Alpine Bag for Life gives the production waste from our packs a new chance in life.

Minimising waste

Waste materials can be a way of life in the equipment industry. Changes in order quantity, colour and seasonal trends can result in surplus fabrics. At Lowe Alpine we want to minimise this by looking at ways to use up waste fabrics. Our Bag for Life tote bag is made from off-cut and obsolete pack fabrics, diverting production waste away from landfill and into practical use.
Our design team are working on more use-up product opportunities so there could be other limited edition items available soon.

Due to the nature of the fabric supply, there is no guarantee as to how long this product will be available for, or which colour you will get, as every bag is unique.

Making a difference

At least 50 pence of each sale is donated to Dukes Barn. a UK charity providing access-for-all outdoor learning.

Duke Barn’s primary focus is children with special needs including Autism, Asperger’s Syndrome, Downs Syndrome, children with hearing or sight impairment and those with physical disabilities including wheelchair users. In addition, they run courses for children from disadvantaged backgrounds and poor inner-city areas.

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