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  1. Fjell 4 Berry-4

    A favourite amongst runners, hikers, and bikers, the Fjell 4 is a compact, lightweight belt pack with a 4 litre capacity, perfect for exploring trails old and new.

  2. Mesa 6 Berry-6

    Sleek in design yet generous in capacity, the Mesa 6 belt pack has room for all the essentials for a full day out, whether running, hiking or cycling.

  3. Nijmegen 6 Berry-6

    Designed to accommodate a full day on the trail, the Nijmegan is a 6 litre belt pack featuring integrated twin bottles for easy-access hydration.

  4. Space Case 7 Berry-7

    Perfect whether you’re discovering a new trail or a new city, the Space Case 7 is a spacious and versatile belt pack with a 7 litre capacity, designed for hiking and travel use.

  5. AirZone Trek+ ND33:40 Berry-33

    Ideal for lightweight backpacking and long hikes, the AirZone Trek+ ND33:40 is a fully adjustable, ventilated women’s hiking backpack for serious hillwalkers.

  6. AirZone Z Duo ND25 Berry-25

    Whether you’re walking city streets or hiking hilltop trails, stay organised and carry your kit in comfort with the AirZone Z Duo ND25, a versatile women’s multi-use backpack.

  7. Fuse 20 Berry-20

    Pack light, burn bright. The Fuse is a lightweight 20L day pack perfect for energetic, action-packed adventures.

  8. AirZone Z ND18 Berry-18

    Whether you’re in town or on the trail, the AirZone Z ND18 is a versatile women’s backpack that keeps you cool and comfortable.

  9. Ignite 15 Berry-15

    Find a spark, stoke your fire. The Ignite is a lightweight 15L day pack for all your fast and light adventures.