Trekking backpacks

Over long distance trails and through challenging terrain, our trekking backpacks are designed to organise your gear and carry heavy loads efficiently, whichever paths you follow. Plan your adventure with confidence, knowing our robust and reliable packs give a stable and supportive carry from the first step of your journey to the last.

Men's trekking packs

Cerro Torre 80:100
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Cerro Torre 65:85
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Manaslu 65:80
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Diran 45:55
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Manaslu 55:70
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Diran 55:65
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Diran 65:75
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Updated for 2019


Cerro Torre

Now with 35 years' development behind it, the Cerro Torre has the most advanced carry system we’ve ever developed.

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When you have long days on the trail ahead, the Manaslu trekking pack gives a comfortable and stable carry to keep you striding forward.

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Women's trekking packs

Cerro Torre ND60:80
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Manaslu ND50:65
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Manaslu ND60:75
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Diran ND40:50
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Diran ND50:60
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