Fitting the Hipbelt

Hipbelts come either padded and technical or basic. Padded, technical hipbelts are there to share the load of your pack around your hips, instead of the full weight resting on the shoulders. Basic hipbelts are, as the name suggests, a simple webbing waistband that is used to secure the load to your body to improve stability.


Types of Hipbelt

A well fitted technical hipbelt is essential to ensuring that the weight of the pack can be comfortably worn for extended lengths of time. You should aim for a large percentage of the pack weight to be sitting on your body through this belt. This will vary depending on the total weight of the pack, how it’s loaded, and what you as the user are accustomed to. More information on packing a pack LINK

A padded hipbelt should fit to the iliac crest of the pelvic bone, this is the bony section that protrudes where you’d put your ‘hands on hips’.

For the perfect fit the hipbelt should encompass the bone (iliac crest) as this creates a solid base on which to support the weight. Wearing the pack too high, around the soft part of the waist, means the pack moves around when walking and becomes uncomfortable. Wearing the hipbelt too low again creates discomfort and can impede your natural gait.


Axiom Packs: Replaceable Hipbelts

Our packs with Axiom 5 and Axiom 7 back systems come with replaceable hipbelts. We stock the hipbelts in three different sizes for these packs, so the backpacker can get the precise fit they need.

Hipbelt Sizes

Back Length Supplied Hipbelt Size Recommended Circumference
ND (Small / Womens) Small 33"-45" / 83-114cm
Regular Regular 35"-51" / 89-130cm
Large Large 39"-51" / 99-130cm

If you purchase an Axiom 5 or Axiom 7 pack and feel you need a different sized hipbelt, we can exchange it free of charge if the original hipbelt is in new and unused condition. Please click HERE and fill out the form.

Axiom 5 Packs

Manaslu ND55:65

Manaslu ND55:65

55 + 10lt | 71 x 36 x 29cm | 2.23kg

A future classic. The Manaslu delivers serious function while looking great. Featuring Axiom 5 technology, front entry and stretch mesh front and side pockets.

Axiom 7 Packs

Cerro Torre 75:100

Cerro Torre 75:100

75 + 20lt | 80 x 43 x 38cm | 2.77kg

A Legendary trekking workhorse. The new Cerro Torre features front and lower entry, a tough TriShield coated fabric, and the Axiom 7 back system.

Cerro Torre ND60:80

Cerro Torre ND60:80

60 + 20lt | 76 x 36 x 29cm | 2.60kg

A Legendary women's specific trekking workhorse. The new Cerro Torre features front and lower entry, a tough TriShield coated fabric, and the Axiom 7 back system.

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