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Designed by climbers, for climbers. The brand new Rock range combines outstanding gear organisation with load support for a super comfortable carry to your next climb.

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The ultimate commuter backpack. The Halo range blends essential travel features with sculpted surfaces and minimal seams for a stripped-down urban style.

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Rogue 48
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AirZone Trek 45:55
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Misfit 27
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AirZone Trek ND43:50
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AirZone Pro 35:45
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AirZone Trek ND33:40
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AirZone Pro ND33:40
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AirZone Trek 35:45
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Outcast 44
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Chalk Bag
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Halo 40
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Halo 32
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Halo 25
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Whether your priority is ventilation, load support, multi-activity, women’s fit, or travelling light and fast, our hiking backpacks will keep you moving, wherever the trail takes you.

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Over long distance trails and through challenging terrain, our trekking backpacks are designed to organise your gear and carry heavy loads efficiently, whichever paths you follow.

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Whatever terrain you’re tackling, our mountain packs strike the perfect balance of weight, stability and reliability.

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When it’s time to hit the road, our travel packs will keep your kit secure and organised across any distance.

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